So why should you learn how to use Access?

If you are looking for a way to gain an edge in the job marketplace, skill with Microsoft Access is probably the best move you can make and, if you get good with it, the impact on your future can be amazing.  By amazing I mean making more money.  For many people this is the fastest way to increase their income.

BUT there is a BIG problem!  Almost all the Access courses available were developed in an academic environment.  They just don’t teach you how to handle many of the tasks you will find in a real business environment.  The courses I have developed all come from my 30+ years of experience as a database consultant so they are all based on real situations.  They teach you to create systems so people can do tasks in a few minutes, or even seconds, that most people take hours to accomplish.

If you just set aside a few hours a week, before you know it you could have a new skill that can have a HUGE impact on your future!  

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